Before using you must be registered with the Committee. Registration involves familiarising yourself with the operating manual and demonstrating the safe operation of the mulcher as assessed by a registered user. A copy of the operating manual should be with the machine, or if not can be accessed here. Likewise a copy of the engine manual should be with the machine, or if not can be accessed here.

Key Safety Points

  • Never put hands or feet into either the feed chute or hopper – use a wooden stick if needed to push material
  • Always wear safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection
  • Ensure no-one else is within 6m when operating unless they are wearing the required safety gear
  • Ensure that you are not wearing any loose clothing or jewellery which could entangle with material being fed into the mulcher
  • Never clear the discharge chute whilst running – must be kept clear
  • Never move the machine whilst running or leave unattended whilst running

Before Starting

  • Check the oil – make sure you do not get any dirt or foreign material on the dip stick
  • Check for any loose guards or bolts – DO NOT start if this is the case and advise a Committee member
  • Put in enough fuel for intended period of use – use unleaded fuel only from the supplied jerrycan
  • Do not refuel whilst running or the engine is hot
  • Make sure the mulcher is on level ground (must not be on concrete), and that the mulcher is level

Operating Requirements

  • Only mulch clean organic material
  • The maximum size material is 60 mm in diameter
  • All material greater than 15 mm in diameter must be fed through the small chute
  • Only feed in one piece at a time if greater than 15 mm in diameter
  • Smaller material such as leaves can be fed through the hopper – NO material greater than 15 mm is to be put into the hopper
  • DO NOT mulch fresh green leafy material and soft succulent stems as it will clog the machine’s discharge chute – let it partly dry or put in the compost bins
  • If material gets jammed, starts accumulating in the hopper, or fails to come out of the discharge chute immediately turn off the machine, disconnect the spark plug, and remove using a wooden stick – DO NOT put your hands down the chute or hopper as there are sharp knives
  • If the machine starts vibrating or making unusual noises immediately turn off and advise a Committee member – DO NOT keep operating
  • If the machine does not stay static immediately turn off and either move to a surface which is less smooth, or chock the wheels both front and back

Stowing Away

  • Ensure the machine is switched off, and that the fuel is turned off
  • Remove any material that is sticking out of the chute or is in the hopper – use a wooden stick
  • Check that material is not stuck in the discharge chute – this is only likely to happen with fresh green leafy material and soft succulent stems which must not be mulched
  • Stow in the shed
  • Complete the operator log sheet – name, date, approximate hours used
  • Notify a Committee member if there are any issues with the mulcher
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